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Gum Shields

2These are protective covers made from a tough, pliable material that are designed to fit perfectly over your teeth and gums to cushion them from damage.

When and why should I wear a gum shield?

It is important to wear a gum shield when playing contact sports such as rugby and hockey or those that involve fast moving objects such as cricket or lacrosse.

Gum shields can protect against teeth being damaged or even knocked out and they can keep your jaw safe too.

They can also be worn if you grind your teeth (known as bruxism) to prevent any resulting damage.

What does treatment involve?

We will take an impression of your teeth and note how they bite together to ensure the best possible fit. You will need to come back to see us when the gum shield has been made so we can make sure it grips onto your teeth and gums properly.

Children and young adult patients may need gum shields replacing fairly often as their teeth are still developing and though adults will not require such frequent replacement, it’s a good idea to bring the gum shield along to routine check-ups to ensure it still fits properly and is in good condition.

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