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This subtle but highly effective treatment uses tailor-made aligners to gradually move teeth to their desired position. It may be suitable for patients with spaced, overcrowded or misaligned teeth who are unwilling to wear more noticeable fixed braces. The beauty of Invasalign® is that the straightening process is almost undetectable as the aligners are virtually invisible.

How does it work?

Treatment will involve wearing a series of custom made aligners, changing to a different one every two weeks, so that the controlled force will gradually move your teeth into an improved position.

Invis 1How long will Invisalign® take?

The treatment time will vary depending on your case, but the average time is 9-18 months. During this process, you should visit us regularly so we can monitor your teeth and make any required adjustments.

Invisalign® will only work when you are actually wearing the aligners and we recommend that they are worn both day and night for a minimum of 22–24 hours

Please visit the Invisalign® website for more information.